Jaime is an amazing healer. I suffer from anxiety as well as inflammation in my hip. My treatment was to focus on my pain in my abdomen and hip area. Jaime was able to release a lot of the blocked energy that was causing the pain in the hip area and I felt an emotional release afterwards that has helped me identify with what is causing my anxiety. She has continued to educate me on understanding my body, emotionally, physically, mentally and for that I am truly grateful. She has changed my life!!!
— Kelly N.

I developed a Morton’s Neuroma twenty-one days before the Boston Marathon. Needless to say I was bummed and in a lot of pain. Rest, time, massage and metatarsal pads were the prescription from health care providers. Distance Reiki performed by Jaime complimented my healing process with positive energy, eased the pain and allowed me to successfully complete 26.2 miles in Boston. I received two sessions of distance Reiki by being open to receiving Jaime’s energy and healing thoughts. It’s easy to schedule as long as you’re open to accepting the energy coming your way!
— Susie P.

Jaime came well prepared for our Reiki session. I loved the opening ritual of breathing and checking in with my heart before setting the intention for the healing session. I could immediately feel her energy pulsating as she began to work. The session was very relaxing and calming. I soon felt a sense of relief as the feeling of my heart beating connected to my mind (where I was stuck) and I found clarity in my intention. Jaime later confirmed that clarity with her strong intuition. I would highly recommend her for a whole body wellness Reiki session
— Steffany K.

I have been a customer of Jaime’s several times over the course of the past few months and I have to say....she is amazing at what she does. I always feel relaxed and refocused once I have sat through one of her sessions. She is purposeful in her practice and it is truly wonderful to spend time with her. If you are looking for a Reiki practitioner, Jaime Wilson is the one for you.
Thanks Jaime!
— Trevor C.

I love my Reiki sessions with Jaime! They are peaceful, relaxing, and of course healing! Jaime has such a graceful touch! She’s very intuitive and gives you personal advice from Spirit at the end of the session – which is a wonderful bonus added to the whole Reiki experience! I highly recommend Jaime Wilson! She is awesome!!!
— Patti R.

I was quite skeptical of Reiki but my experience with Jaime was astonishing. The synchronization dynamic of my session made it quite apparent that I was receiving something of great value from a spiritual point of view. And the feeling I was left with was one of reassurance that I was becoming more aligned with my higher-self.
— Adam L.

“If there is anyone that I trust...100%...with my body & my spirit, it’s Jaime.”
— Cassie Y.